Resin Bound Driveways Sheffield

The resin driveways team at Sheffield Resin Driveway Pros can do everything for you with a high standard of unsurpassed quality.

We have the correct type of resin bound driveway solution in mind to suit any property, whether it be residential or commercial because we know how important an attractive appearance can be for both your home and business.

One option is a resin bound stone driveway designed to have low maintenance and is perfect for those who want a driveway that will last.

Part of our service would be a site survey to give you an idea of what we can achieve and your new resin driveway. We can show you the types of designs and colours we offer and show you samples of some previous projects we have completed.

We are one of the most reliable contractors for resin bound driveways in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, so if this sounds like something you would like us to take care of, contact our friendly team today at 0114-697-0171 for a free quote.

Resin Bonded Driveways Sheffield

Loose gravel or stone is used for resin bonded driveways mixed with a resin material to cover the surface. The gravel or stones are used to provide a level base for the resin material and also help improve traction on wet surfaces.

The materials we use ensure that your driveway will look professional, good drainage properties in all weather conditions so you can enjoy it year-round. Without having to worry about slippery spots, unsurpassed high-quality standards when it comes to our workmanship – this ensures that your new drive won’t be just like any other one around town!

The work carried out by our contractors is made with a high level of professionalism, which is why we are the best resin driveways Sheffield has to offer.

Our aim from your first enquiry to installation is always to give you the best resin driveways service possible, so we’ll work with you every step of the way.

We use natural stones or gravels (sometimes called ballast)to provide a level base for the resin material and also help improve traction on wet surfaces.


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Any resin patio or resin driveway will cost considerably less than other kinds. It all depends on the quantity and the size of your order, though. If you were to install a pre-existing base with a resin-bound overlay driveway, it would significantly reduce the price. Surveyors estimate that it would cost between £60 and £80 per square meter. Without overlay, £30 more per square meter due to the sub-base would need to be installed.

Since every single project is unique, you cannot estimate an exact figure. You must take in a few points when coming to the correct conclusion for you. For instance, the size of your driveway and the required depth should be considered. The choice and size of aggregate also matter. The type of resin utilised and the use of the driveway are also to be a factor. Finally, transport and labour costs are a staple in any physical project such as this. 

A resin driveway, resin patio, or any resin surface will likely last over a decade without any significant issues. If installed properly, you can rest assured that it’ll be in good condition for a very long time. Every single instance is different, of course, but the average finished article tends to last more than long enough to satisfy a homeowner. 

Any resin patio or driveway can be pressure washed. It is suggested that homeowners don’t do much of this themselves, however. It’s much better to let professionals do this job. It’s not as simple as splashing the driveway with the hose. While it’s a relatively simple job, damage can be done if not done entirely correctly. Too much, and it’ll likely break the surface. 

Tarmac is a surface that has been used for generations. It tends to be the go-to for homeowners looking for the cheapest option. Resin is not more affordable than tarmac, but it provides so much more. Tarmac is not very aesthetically pleasing, it fades quickly, and it might not be permeable. 

Resin is a lot cheaper than block paving, however. It’s considered very aesthetically pleasing in its own right, but it is costly and tends to be bought by those who do not see money as an issue.